Sunday, 6 November 2011

Simple really

It should be simple really, it was even in the UAE. Posting a few things home was not so simple in the Caymans. My morning went something like this.
At the Post Office:
Do you have posting boxes that I can post to New Zealand?
What do you mean?
You know boxes I can put a gift in to post
No, nothing like that
Okay, where can I but a box to post a gift in?
I don't know. Other customer who happened to be a work mate: Try Kirk Office
At Kirk Office:
After I had searched the posting isle, do you have boxes for posting?
No, nothing like that.
Where can I get a posting box?
Don't know try AL Thompsons, they have boxes
Al Thompsons:
You have these large boxes, do you have any smaller posting boxes?
What do you mean?
You know, small boxes for posting gifts in
No no nothing like that
Where can I buy something like that
Don't know, not sure
So, how do people post things from here then? A little exasperated.
Two ladies shrug their shoulders and look confused that I should want to do such a thing
Phone call to Jo:
Feeling a little frustrated, do you know where I can buy a box to post a few things to NZ in?
Yes (sigh of relief) Caymana Bay has a posting box shop.
Off I drive to Caymana Bay and there is a shop that sells boxes for posting and takes care of all your posting needs. So simple, a one stop shop with excellent service.
Parcel boxed, addressed and ready to go. That will be CI$61 please, that's about NZD90.  A small heart attack later, I pays me money and get the box and envelope on their way. Two to four weeks, Noah will have something from the Caymans to hang on his tree.
I suspect after my next two posting to Australia that I'll mail order all gifts, just may be easier and certainly less expensive.

My day got better, we went out sailing for the afternoon then a swim. The sea is still a little boisterous, a lot of fun.

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