Friday, 2 September 2011

Doing a Dorothy

Now wouldn't that be fine, or a beam me up Scotty so I could get to the places in the world where I would like to go and catch up with family and friends. The Cayman's are a distance from most places, not as the crow flies it seems but as planes fly. Via airports and stopovers, making journeys a mission. One day the technology will exist I'm sure. Skype is fantastic, I get to see Noah and Eve most weekends. It's not quite the same as the touch and smell and real cuddles.

Living in this paradise has it's limits, mostly the limit of missing family and friends. Four months on, and one trip to the southern lands later, I'm still loving it here. My job has plenty of challenge as well as successes that make it all worthwhile. These can be the simplest things like someone saying thank you for something you have done that makes their life a little easier. That happened today and motivated Renee and I, put a spring in our step as we processed applications for support.

I've made some fantastic friends who keep me occupied so I don't get too homesick. This week has been one where I've missed everyone a lot for some reason. Reflection time. Tonight I got some much needed exercise. Jane's condo has a 25 metre pool so we did some lengths. Jane worked on refining my breathing and stroke so it was more like swimming and less like controlled drowning. It was much smoother and more enjoyable. We both had mozzie bites on our foreheads, swimming after dark is not that advisable at this time of year.

I have taken some photos lately and just have to sort the existing ones on my Mac so I can add more. I have a very large external hard drive and have to remove some to there. Maybe this weekend. I will publish some soon, I promise. Here's one from Dorothy and Toto just before their wild ride to another place, thankfully Hurricane Katia seems like she will take her wild ride somewhere else.

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