Tuesday, 30 August 2011

On rain and hurricanes and getting lost

And rain it did today, no hurricanes yet thankfully. I watched with interest the track of Irene and was very thankful when she veered off after hitting Puerto Rico and went north. Thankful in a selfish way, my thoughts go out to all those who were affected so badly. Our turn will come apparently. It's still early in the season here and being now up to letter J, does not bode well.

Today's rain was very heavy, sheets of big drops plummeting from the skies and pooling on the road. We could see the raining coming, it was on us soon after the skies blackened. On Sunday we were out sailing and a short sharp storm hit, thunder and forked lightening and strong winds. We made a run for the dock and got in before it hit, it actually went around us so we didn't get as much as the rest of the island.

I got lost because of today's rain, too busy watching the puddles and not watching where I was going. Soon the landmarks looked less than familiar. Should the sea be on that side? I wondered. Mmmm nope, but I have seen most of West Bay now. Renee kindly gave me directions to get me less than lost while laughing at this Polly Anna who didn't get directions when she left the office. There was a blond comment made much to the delight of my other colleagues.

It's yoga time now, I can't wait. My body needs to bend and stretch and last week was a crazy one so I missed my usual class. This week is going to be a better one as we embed much of the work undertaken in the past 4 months, hard to believe I've been here that long now. This week I plan to exercise most days, the good living here is taking it's toll on my waist line so I need to. 


Bart said...

Hi there.Watch out with all thesee hurricanes and if you get caught by one let her drop you back in UAE.Hope to see you soon.

Jule's Short Story said...

Hey my friend.

Yep there's another hurricane on the horizon, hopefully it won't come our way.

Miss my UAE friends too so if I can do a Dorothy and get dropped there I will! I have you and yours booked in any time, just let me know when :)

Take care!