Sunday, 21 August 2011


I'd been wondering why I've not been writing lately then I thought about what I've been doing in the past few weeks. It's been hectic at work, hectic in a way work hasn't been since I worked at the Open Poly at the end of a semester, marking while writing new courses and dealing with students. There's a high level of multi tasking and decision making, I'm having to get used to that again. My brain has worked so hard that I've not got much brain space for anything by the time I get home.

And then there's my after work things. I work late most days, essential while establishing systems. Monday evenings I have yoga; Tuesday night is quiz night; Wednesday's Jo and I have planned to do stroke and stride but have not managed to leave work in time to complete this mini duathlon; Thursday is either spin or swimming and then there's happy hour on Friday. Weekends are similar, sailing, swimming and today my first game of touch rugby for many years. So I'm turning back into sporty spice, all good for my energy levels. I love the outdoor lifestyle here.

Take today. There's an influx of new teachers on the island. We took a group out for happy hour, got chatting and made friends with two in particular, one from Ireland and one from Canada. Jane has also arrived, fantastic to have her here, so today we all went to West Bay to get Cayman car licenses. It was a fun outing that included coffee and some sightseeing for the new ones. Susie had to move into her new place so Jane, Allie and I did some more sightseeing then went off to touch with Jo. House hunting was on the agenda after that, then another game.

It's really sticky here at the moment, the high humidity increasing the heat index, so touch was exhausting. Smiths Cove was inviting for a cooling dip in the ocean. We're just home from a lovely dinner, almost time for bed. Sailing is the plan for tomorrow plus a pool party and dinner at a friends, all go, all good. I'm hoping to do some back stories soon to catch up on travels I've not written about including an excursion into a part of the world I wasn't supposed to while living in the Emirates. That's another story for another day.

The photos are from Keri, chilly scenes from Christchurch's big snow. I'm pleased I'm on this side of the world at the moment. Thanks for sharing Keri!

Keri Granger: Snow of 2011, Christchurch NZ

Love the light in this shot

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