Sunday, 17 July 2011

Taking a stroll

I had a bit of a find today, in the Humane Society second hand book shop of all places. I went looking to replenish my book supplies when I found a DVD called Nature's Best, a compilation of New Zealand's best music from eras I could remember. I've enjoyed listening and especially enjoyed the old videos clips of places I know well and people who were iconic in their day in small town New Zealand.

Gems such as this one were amongst the Crowded House selection.

It was a stroll down memory lane, everyone looking younger than they do now if they are still alive. And then there's this one, a classic.

The Humane Society here has dogs and cats up for adoption, I thought I spied a Labrador puppy but he doesn't seem to be on the list for adoption. Cats are fine, I'm a dog person with a soft spot for golden labs. I my just volunteer to do some dog walking, the next best thing to having one and that's not on the agenda.

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