Monday, 25 July 2011

Sunday on the waves

I like days when I learn stuff, today I've learnt plenty. I've learnt to wear a longer T shirt out sailing so I don't get a very sun burnt bit on my lower back; why the main sail needs trimming and which way to go so the boat doesn't tip over; which waggly bits to watch for when trimming the gib and main sail; that my gloves don't quite cut it for mainsail trimming; raw blisters are ouchy in salt water; that a gin and tonic is very good for a sailing thirst; that I really do have to jump off the boat when Jo yells for me to tie it up on the jetty, read stop it from going back out to sea; and most importantly that the stronger the winds and wilder the waves, the more I love sailing.

It was a blast today. The wind was strong enough to make it exciting, the waves were kicking up and we hit some and surfed others. The sea splashing onto my face to wet the wind. My love of being out on the water must come from my sea faring ancestry, the sealers and whalers who plied the southern oceans in the way back years. My family were in Aotearoa New Zealand when the official settlers arrived. It's quite a history really and one that's linked to Canterbury, in particular on the Bank Peninsula, in I way I didn't know until recently.

Topping off today, Jo and I had a dip at Smith's Cove. A lovely place to enjoy people watching as there are always plenty of local people at this interesting small cove with a coral sand beach. Somehow, I don't have a decent photo so have linked to someone who has. Amazing she managed to get the cove without people.

Christchurch snow, thanks Muzz
So it's been a great Sunday for me, a sleep in, sailing, swimming, chilling and watching the snow fall in Christchurch. Yes, the snow is chucking down and Muzz turned the computer to the window so I could watch for a while. It was 30 here, minus something there but it looked amazingly beautiful. I feel for those in the red zone, still living with no water or ablutions after all this time, snow must add a misery that is difficult to comprehend. I also feel for those who have to make sure the salvageable buildings don't fill with snow causing even more damage, I know Tim was out on that mission today. I certainly don't miss the cold winters that are a Christchurch specialty, I suspect this island life suits me just fine. Especially as I'm still learning stuff. 

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