Thursday, 9 June 2011

Off again

I'm leaving on a jet plane, don't know when I'll be back again...... really, I'm not actually sure when I'll be back in my own bed. I'm heading to Brisbane and it only seems like yesterday that I arrived in this place. I feel really settled here, not quite ready to depart these shores yet, but I'm so excited to be going to meet Eve in person. 20 plus hours of flying excited. I've got a pile of work with me so hopefully in my down time will get some of the thinking work done that can't be done with almost constant interruptions. Long plane journeys are good like that.

No business class or lounges for me this trip though, I'm out of Emirates main flying zones. I should rack up a few Qantas points so the point gathering begins again. I've got a bit to do before I leave as well, it's 9pm here and I'm struggling with the thought of packing and packing up my valuables in case there's a hurricane in my absence. That's possible apparently as the signs are all there. My lovely friends will keep an eye on my house and car, after dropping me at the airport in the morning. I also have an early start, an appointment with a TV show.

There have been many firsts for me lately, tomorrow I get one I didn't expect and am, quite frankly, dreading. I'm going to be interviewed on the local morning show, live. I should be getting organised now, going over my notes and getting my clothes ready. I'm still not sure what to wear so I'm procrastinating, one art I've perfected over the years.

Back to the, I'm not sure when I'll be back. It seems that I'm off to a regional conference in St Vincent and the Grenadines. Look that up on a map, it's kind of southern Caribbean and a wee way away from here. I may get back for one night then have to fly via Miami, I'm not sure I will. I have left it to others to book and organise so it could be interesting. I think I might also pack clothing suitable for a four day conference. I may need to thaw out after my southern experience so that part of the Caribbean may well suit.  

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