Sunday, 12 June 2011


Brisbane is surprisingly cold, freezing by Brisbane standards. I was hoping to be able to acclimatise before heading to a New Zealand winter but it's straight into it. I suspect it's even colder in New Zealand. It is warm at Kieran, Sasi and Eve's place. Eve is just beautiful, alert and knowing. She gazes up at me with her big eyes, dark blue at the moment, know that someone different has her and responding to me with the beginnings of a smile. She has dimples when she smiles.

We went for a wander, trying to stave off my jet lag, to keep me awake. Breakfast in the local cafe was lovely, French toast, the best coffee and even better company. I've so missed spending time with Kieran. It's been a year since I've seen him and then it was not for very long. Sasi is fantastic, a lovely young woman who is loving being a mum. They are the best parents, enjoying Eve. Like her dad, she loves being part of family life. She sleeps best knowing there are people around and enjoys being held.

Walking through the mall pushing a pram was a treat for me, getting to carry Eve and watching her taking in the bustle of a mall Saturday was a privilege. Having a granddaughter is an unexpected pleasure. My family was all boys until she arrived. I'm off to enjoy some more Eve time now, waiting for Nick to arrive from Melbourne, another unexpected treat. His arrival means that I will see all of my children and grand children this trip, fantastic. More about my journey and photos to follow.

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