Monday, 16 May 2011


I've sitting around home bemoaning my lack of internet when it struck me that I could go out and find a hotspot. So here I am at the local shopping centre sitting on a park bench like a tramp, a high tech tramp not the other type of tramp. Mind you with what I'm wearing one could be mistaken. My old shorts and a much older top, courtesy of Callie I seem to remember.

Anyhow, my lovely setting that I had for the first few days in my house went away, never to return. Sigh, that BlackBerry thingy that work gave me is no great shakes for me. I like a bigger screen, more access but it's been great for reading emails. While I've been waiting for my connection, just getting time to make a trip Lime the provider here, I've written a few notes that I will copy and paste in the next entry. Dated so my thought patterns don't seem too crazy. Above is a photo of my car on my trip to Rum Point, one of the smallest ever 4wds I'm sure. I had one of my coworkers offer to buy it off me the other hay, seems it is really economic and the price of gas..... 

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