Thursday, 21 April 2011

My computer is now fixed, a small setting glitch a nice young man at the Apple store in Bath fixed really quickly without making me feel somewhat diminished. He also ran through the features of the iPad and had me convinced. I would have walked out with one except that they didn't have any in stock. The next step is to try in London although I suspect that's going to be a wild goose chase too. 

I'm still using Di's computer to write as the hotel we are in won't let you connect more than one computer to an 8 pound connection, may have to buy another today to upload some photos. Time is the factor, we're off sightseeing in the big city after breakfast. One more sleep and I'm on a plane to the Caymans for the next step. There are stories to tell from this hikoi, photos to add but for now I'm heading to breakfast.

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