Sunday, 3 April 2011

It's April

Already! I've only got days left in the UAE, the time has flown by. I had a lovely weekend in Abu Dhabi catching up with friends, saying goodbye. I'm not very good at goodbyes, prefer not to have too much fuss. Besides everyone that I saw this weekend are in my life for a lifetime, or at the least a season, so I expect to see them in my new place some time.

Friday evening was well spent, socialising and photographing Mike and Gavin's band. They have a young Lebanese drummer and he is amazing. They kept the crowd happy with their acoustic covers and even had an adventurous group up dancing. There was a man behind us, he sang harmony really well. We got talking to him and his wife and it seems he had a band in his younger years, a similar band. He certainly had a great voice and could dance.

Today, the grandmas braved Baby Gap and stocked up on a few bits for the babies. It was fun shopping with another grandma, a kind of excitement. Kate's also a great shopper, gets what she wants and gets out of there quick smart. The way I like to shop, well for clothes anyway.

So tomorrow is the beginning of my last two weeks of work, then a break, then off to the Cayman's. I'm getting excited, especially when I got the information of my home for the first week. It looks fantastic, on the beach and, I suspect, close to where I need to be. I am getting a little excited.

The photos are of the band, three very talented musicians. Mike and I had a play with the pics to make good poster images. I like them, good action shots!

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