Saturday, 5 March 2011


That was surreal. Sitting on the dining table at 4.30am my time being part of Noah's christening on the other side of the world. I could see and hear everything, luckily no one could hear me. I was so sad to have missed this very special occasion, one of the major drawbacks of living and working away from my family. Skype is amazing and I wonder how I could be here without this means of contact.

I got to see everyone, talk to some and be part of this. There was a comment about how I looked in my red dressing gown, a bit rough and not really dressed for the occasion. Luckily I could switch my camera off! Noah took it all in his stride, smiling and chatting and looking around wondering why there were lots of people at his place, kids playing with his toys. The original venue was too badly damaged to use so his christening was at home, followed by his birthday party. An intimate gathering of family and friends.

It is also the first time in ages that all my boys are in one place at the same time, I hope they get photos. That is something I am very sad at missing. We're planning another talk tomorrow, probably late this evening my time so best I get an afternoon nap, needed after the early start. Thank you everyone for making this happen.

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