Thursday, 3 March 2011

Night games

I don't often have trouble sleeping here. If i do it's like tonight, I get to sleep and something wakes me. Tumbling thoughts now stop me from getting back to that relaxed place. The source of disturbance tonight was some yelling outside in the street, not the yelling that's happening in other streets in the Arab world thankfully.

This was a joyous yelling, a loud argument between several young men. I quietly looked out my window. It's hard to be mad at noisy neighbours when the view from the window shows four young men in their kandoras playing cricket in the street. Yes, cricket. There was much laughter and sledging as the bowler hitched up his kandora and paced towards the batsman while letting the ball fly.

A miss this time, next time a big hit and off they ran to find the ball. I can hear the laughter as they fight over the ball, I suspect they were saying, my turn next. The scene reminded me of my sons, cricket being their summer back yard sport. Them and the neighbourhood boys. I quietly closed the window, sleep deserting me as I listened.

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