Monday, 21 March 2011

A home weekend

It's amazing how much I can get done in a home weekend, all the small stuff. I've ticked heaps off the list and tonight the big one, my car is gone, sold! I'm a bit sad about that but as it's the only thing I needed to sell here, it's a big tick off the list. I now know the process for exporting a car from Al Ain to Dubai, it's not too complicated just took around two hours. The young man who bought my car drove off very happy, I sighed as I waved.

I also got to do some clothes and shoe shopping, much needed. The next job is to sort what I carry with me on my travels, to have with me as work clothes for the weeks until my freight arrives in the Caymans. After I leave here, I'm meeting Di in London for a stopover and we are going on a road trip to Bath, Stonehenge and Salisbury, all places I've wanted to visit for a while. I love planning trips, think I just may have missed my vocation, and the B&Bs in this part of the UK look amazing.

Heres are some of my Jordan photos, I'm not sure I've added any of these here yet as I have not long sorted them. The first is of Ad Deir or the monastery, the long walk up well worth it to have a chai while looking at this amazing Nabataean carved building. The next is a Bedouin camp and the last a sunrise shot in Wadi Ram on the Jordanian edge of Rub al Khali.

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