Sunday, 26 December 2010


The shakey isles have lived up to their reputation. Last night at about 2am there was quite a strong earthquake, it almost tossed me out of bed and it was only a small one apparently. I'm not a great fan of the earth shaking, childhood memories of being terrified during a big one in the '60s I suspect. I lay shaking a bit, then came another and in the morning yet another.

Sitting having breakfast with Nick and Muzz there was a much bigger one, a jolt this time. The sizes are in the link above. I feel so sorry for the people of Christchurch, especially the kids who have by most accounts just settled after the big ones in September. I know that I didn't sleep much after the 2am shock.

I just hope no one is hurt and that there's not too much more damage in the war like zone that is the Christchurch CBD, such a lot of buildings either down or coming down under the bulldozers. The terrible waste of food stuffs shocked me with stories of loaders in supermarket isles scooping up the stock and transporting this, useable and unuseable dumped together in a landfill site. Such a waste when people are queueing for food parcels and eating a charity Christmas dinner.

I suppose I can understand why, the insurance companies have to be careful that people don't get sick but I'm sure that there would have been volunteers willing to sort through the piles of tinned food not spoiled. Anyhow, I know that I won't rest easy just in case I have to move quickly to a safe place.

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