Saturday, 7 August 2010

Windsor and Wales

We decided we were a little tired to go to Bath so I set out for Windsor instead, it was just down the road according to maps, according to the sat nav system in the flash Volvo it was a little further. Well, of course it would be. It was the first time I'd used one of these flash gadgets and it took some getting used to. Couple that with the fact that it was my first drive in the Uk and, well things got a little stressful. Ending up back at the village I where I had started my journey was disconcerting. Common sense prevailed, I did a U turn and off I went.

I got there just in time to see the changing of the guards, fantastic although I needed to be taller to get the shots I wanted. My tour guide, a friend who knows the area well, gave me some insights into the place as we wandered for a while. We made it to Eaton, saw where martyrs were burnt at the stake in 1543 and the Watermans Arms where they used to stored the bodies fished from the Thames, very civilised.

The sat nav didn't help me much on the return, it helps to know how to set it! I did find my way back then Sarah, Olivia and I set off for Cardiff. The drive was okay, finding the two places we needed to find was not such an easy task. Thank goodness for the kindness of the Welsh. A man could see we were lost, in the right area just not on the right street. He looked at the map and led us to the place, fantastic. We now had the key. Next job, find the place we were staying.

Easier said than done. After lots of phone calls, directions from Kate and trial and error with the maps we had, we found the place. Some of the street names are not spelt as they're said and the street names are not easy to find but we managed. I forgot to mention, we swapped the Volvo for a smaller, cheaper version with no sat nav. I'm now the proud owner of one, needs must.

This afternoon I'm off to explore Cardiff so pics will follow. The pics are of the guards, the castle and surrounds.

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