Friday, 27 August 2010

Interios, Paris

While wandering through wet and gray Montmartre Di and came across an oasis of light, the interior sighted from the gray street drew us in. Interios contained the most stunning pottery and ceramics. These were arranged in colour sets, very visually appealing, with many different items in each set. I thought I liked the blue/green until I saw the red set. The teapot is pictured on Di's site, the cups were stunning.

The two of us, both non shoppers, oooooed and ahhhhed over the red set. I was determined I was going to buy the teapot for Di as a gift for having me to stay and to also buy some bits and pieces for me. I had traveled so lightly that I had plenty of space for extras. Unfortunately we had not long begun our wandering and decided that carrying such things along with all our heavy camera gear was a recipe for disaster.

We made a plan to get back there, to make the purchases as last minute ones. Alas, time flew and while we were at Notre Dame taking photos of the birds being fed, we realised that we would most probably miss our train if we did. It was a horrible realisation but no worries, we'd order online. Apparently not possible. We'll just have to go back to Paris, that teapot is certainly worth the trip.

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