Monday, 2 August 2010


Being in Al Ain with so few others, so few of my friends, is odd. My phone is silent. It's strange to go out and about in town and not see anyone I know to stop and chat to. I do like a bit of a chat. I did go and chat to the nice man at Emirates who organises my travel. He arranged that I was sitting as close to Sarah and Olivia as I can be for our flight to the UK tomorrow. He also told me that I'm now a gold member of Emirates. Excellent, I'll get to enjoy the lounges rather than have to sit about on those hard seats if there's a delay.

I've managed to do some serious relaxing, reading, sorting photos, gyming and swimming. All the advantages of a resort without living out of a suitcase. I lay by the pool yesterday as it was slightly cooler at 42 and there was little wind. The shamal kicks up in the late afternoon blowing dust and sand everywhere so the morning is the best time to enjoy the outdoors.

So today I'm sorting the clothes for the next adventure, summer clothes this time although I suspect I'll need my merinos in the UK looking at the forcasts. I'm packing very light this time, using a small suitcase that easy to manage when out and about. I've got some pics of the small boy printed and will need to get some flash frames for them.

Hopefully my new glasses will be ready today as well. I got my eyes tested in NZ and came here to get some frames as there's more selection. The lady was amazingly helpful and honest. I usually struggle getting glasses that suit and this time I had several pairs to choose from. She also rechecked my prescription with a flash new machine, will definately go there for my next check. My prescription has changed, my eyesight has improved, all good really.

The photo is of the Oxford foothills after a couple of chilly wet days. The dusting of snow kept the temperature low, 4C for the day. Nothing a nice warm fire couldn't fix.

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