Thursday, 15 July 2010

On holiday

I can't believe it's Thursday already, time certainly flies when I'm on holiday. I still haven't caught up with many people yet, that may be next weeks job. It's taken me some time to get myself fully here, to get my time zones into kilter but I think after a couple of good nights sleep I'm back to my old self now.

I'm back to drinking coffee in large quantities again. I'd actually weaned myself off coffee having only two or three a week, now I'm back to that a day. There's nothing like Italian coffee and NZ coffee, made well, comes a close second. I'm off to have coffee with my mother soon so should really get organised. I've just hung the washing out and boy it really is cold out there, makes one appreciate the heating inside.

I suspect I'll have to rug up for today's outings. I do have a car so that's a bonus. Fancy going into the company I used to use for work and the man at the counter recognising me. He gave me a good discount so I have wheels. That makes such a difference when catching up with family and friends.

Here are some long promised photos of the very gorgeous Noah.

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