Sunday, 11 July 2010


Back in the cold lands, what a drop in temperature. This morning it was -4, a crisp Christchurch morning. Luckily jet lag kept me asleep until 9 so I missed some of the freezing sting. Funny to stand outside and be able to see my breath steaming out of my mouth. I'm feeling a bit disoriented after feeling fine when I arrived. Jet lag is an odd thing, it affects me differently every time.

It was a long flight and I learnt a lesson. One should read one's itinerary carefully before booking the Emirates limo. My flight left at 8.50 not 8.15 so a 4 am start was not really needed. On the plus side, I arrived to no queues and had a nice breakfast in the Emirates Lounge. The good thing with all this flying is that I have heaps of airpoints, enough to get me ungraded, use the lounges and be able to board the plane first. As if I'd want to do that!

Tim, Sarah and Noah met me at the airport, so fantastic to see them all. Noah is very cute, he smiled at his gran and we've had lots of cuddles. He's such a good baby, contented and social. Try getting him to sleep when there's someone different in the house. He sat on the table in his Bumbo and watched us eat pizza for dinner. A Bumbo is one of clever inventions that you see and go, why didn't I think of that. It's a soft plastic seat that supports a child to sit and be part of what's going on. Noah loves it.

This morning he was full of smiles and when Kieran and Sassi arrived, the good idea that he needed a sleep went out the window. They've gone off for a coffee, a walk in the pram just what was needed for the grumpy boy. I've got my camera so will add some photos as soon as I can get some. For now, I'm going to make another cup of tea and another piece of Molenberg toast to have with marmite, yep back in the land of yummy bread and marmite. I've also found patch of sunlight so I'm feeling sleepy again, might just have to doze off in the peace and quiet first.

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