Friday, 9 July 2010

1 more sleep

Not quite one actually, about 4 hours is all I'll get if I hurry to bed now. Somehow, I'm not ready for sleep, I keep thinking about what I may have forgotten to do. There's plenty to do before going away for so long, things like putting my candles and skin care in the fridge and turning all the water inlets off in case of flooding. I've had a few floods in my time so don't want to risk that again.

I'm also feeling a little annoyed. I took my ring in to be fixed weeks ago and they told me it would only take 4 or 5 days. I also wanted some earrings made out of two peridots I've had for a while. Tonight, after a lot of chasing including finding a park at Al Ain mall on a Thursday evening, I finally got my ring and earrings. It cost me a lot more than they had said plus the stone in my ring is a lot smaller than I wanted.

I'm over it, really, well maybe not quite. I have my lovely ring back so that's the most important thing. I'm ready to fly but I can't say I'm looking forward to the long trip. It's such a drag but I know it will be fantastic to see everyone and get some time in winter time. It rained here today, not a common occurrence. It was wonderful to have the oppressive muggy heat we've been having disperse with the earthy smell of rain on a hot pavement drifting up to where I was hanging out the window enjoying the moisture and watching the children outside celebrating.

Now it is time to see if I can catch any zzzzs, i really do need to get some because I can be a little cross when I'm tired and that's wouldn't be a good start to my hols. Catch up again soon.

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