Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Sleep, elusive sleep

I've got that I'm not going to sleep tonight feeling. There's far too much kicking around in my head for sleep and I know I'll regret that in the morning. I'm also unwell, the high levels of dust have zapped me over the past days and I was out when the dust storm hit with a sudden fury that reminded me of the dust storms in Qatar.

End result, I've got a horrible cold like thing, part of breathing in the dust. When I lie down, it goes to my chest and sleeping sitting up is not cool. My headache is impressive too. I'm sipping on ginger and lemon tea as I write, it's not helping. I suspect I may have to go to the docs tomorrow, something I've not done for years. I might be ok, if only I can get some sleep.

I got my tickets home to NZ yesterday. I found the Emirates office, a good move it seems. Not only did I get a discount for being a teacher, but also a complimentary limo to the airport and home, free changes to my itinerary and excellent service. With all the trips I've been doing, my airpoints are really looking healthy, may be at gold after this trip. The magic ticket didn't eventuate but I got some good advice on how to plan my trip on to Europe.

Things are in a state of flux here, people coming and going, jobs changing, working conditions changing, the feeling that I'm selling my soul some days. I find it hard when people leave. I get to know people well, make friends with them, and then they leave. Many I'll never see again, some I will. Most keep in touch for a while then that slows and stops. That's the way life is I suppose. As Rose always says, people come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. The key is to pick who comes in for what, time will tell for most.

So I suppose I'd better hit the hay again. I've finished my book, best I look for another to read to lull me off to sleep, finished my tea so it's back to bed for another go at sleeping. Wish me luck, or more likely feel sorry for the people who have to deal with little Ms Grumpy tomorrow.

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