Friday, 7 May 2010

Sandy Beach Resort

It never fails to amaze me how many wonderful places there are to stay here. Sandy Beach Resort was full when I first tried to book but I managed to get a room in the older part, a room with a view of the sea and island surround by palms. The photo show the view, fantastic. The light sea breeze wafted to where Mary-Anne and I sat relaxing, cooling us pleasantly.

We were going to meet others at a nearby resort, we were too relaxed, too lazy to do anything other than meet Kate and Corneil for a meal, drinks and a shisha at the poolside cafe. We ate, chatted, enjoyed the ambience until the staff turned out the lights. I love this relaxed way of life, it's seductive.

Rau and Deidre arrived late, we joined them for a drink and then hit the hay as we had an early start, we were going to another country for the day. Coming from New Zealand, I always have a small giggle when I say that. We have to fly to get to another country, it's a big adventure. Here I duck in and out of borders at will. I only need to show my residency card to get into this part of Oman.

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