Sunday, 23 May 2010

Out of town

This is where I'm traveling to this week, out past the place we camped at new year, out past the big dunes. This morning I regretted not taking my camera but as I was running a bit late, decided stopping on the way to take photos wouldn't be a good idea. The sun rising above the dunes cast a lovely light over the landscape, the camels added to the ambiance. The photo here is one a prepared earlier just off the road I was traveling today.

There's so much to see out in the countryside. The ever changing dunes, the men working on the roads, the camels and their herders, the scrubby plants that will grow until the heat burns them off. And talk about hot today, it's 45c now and I suspect where we were it got to almost 50. Sweltering heat that makes people faint and knocks the stuffing out of even the hardiest ones.

Getting into my car to drive home was like getting into an oven and the air con took some time to cool it. My car needs a service, especially with the travel I'm up for this week, and I'm procrastinating. It's too hot to go out to Toyota and get a taxi home, it's also too hot to go to the gym. I might just continue to rest for a while, until it cools and I've re hydrated, then go and do my out and about tasks. Sounds like a plan to me.

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