Friday, 9 April 2010

Up on the roof

Rau and I had a good night out last night, a roof party for Will's birthday. Although Will's from the mother country, he's been made and honorary kiwi. He still needs some training, for example in his taste in music (not much kiwi stuff on his iPod) but he sure fitted in with the large contingent of kiwis on the roof celebrating with him.

The guitars were out, waiata were sung, drinks flowed freely. A good old kiwi party, a bit like Mike's farewell a few weeks ago minus my strawberry delights. Being on the roof reminded me of our times on the roof of the Al Hitme hilton aka the slums in Qatar. We had some fun times up there with our coffee cups smelling suspicious, sharing big bags of Lays chips. Helen's leaving Qatar, leaving before I got to visit. I've had over a year but somehow haven't made it.

It was a late night but not wanting to waste any of my precious Friday, I was up quite early. Actually I woke up starving and realised that I had kind of missed eating for a large chunk of the day yesterday. I really enjoyed the evening, out with my good friends relaxing and enjoying each others company.

I kind of remember inviting them all to my house warming when I move into Kate and Mike's flat upstairs in May. Rau will be across the hall and she suggested we could open both doors and have a stairwell party, sounds good to me. Margaritas all round I say.

The photos are from my Qatar collection, sunset over Doha from our roof and Shirley, Lyn, Keri and Helen having a laugh on the roof, as we often did.

In the process of loading my Qatar photos, I got a disc jammed in my disc drive. Any ideas how to fix that would be appreciated. The nearest Apple shop is in Abu Dhabi so I might not make it there this weekend and I've got series 4 of Boston Legal to watch, very important to get this fixed soon.

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