Monday, 19 April 2010


Things are changing here, I might get to move into my own place with some good incentives to do so from my company. Where to live, where to live? Al Ain or Dubai or Abu Dhabi and commute? I like the idea of living near the sea again. I miss being able to swim and the ever changing vista that is the sea. Apparently Dubai's cheap at the moment.

Today it rained a little in Al Ain, a surprise when Mary-Anne and I saw some drops on the pavement at school. We talked about dancing naked in the rain, decided a few spots did not quite constitute enough rain for that sort of carry on. It's been cloudy all day, clouds coming over from Oman where it is no doubt raining. It's hot and sticky too.

Anyway, lots to think about at the moment. I have been wondering what the next year might hold, I suspect today's revelations might add to the mix of the pros and cons of living here. There are extra incentives for sharing, especially with 3 or more people, and the villas can be big enough to do so. Not for me though, I've done enough sharing in my life so far so will choose the solo option. There are also constraints on this legally.

So tonight as I bend and stretch at yoga, I'll be mulling over some of the issues I'm now facing. Or not, as yoga frees your mind so those sorts of thoughts are kept at bay for a bit over an hour. A good and much needed respite.

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