Sunday, 7 March 2010

Hello Noah James

Wow, isn't technology amazing. I've just met my new grandson via an internet link. He is so very cute, so very contented sucking his thumb. Ok, so I've turned into one of those brag book grandma's, why not. Having children is such a miracle, one that has never failed to amaze me, and now the next generation of my family is beginning. Fantastic. As my good friend Helen said, this is another life stage for me and my family. Thanks everyone for your messages, they are much appreciated.


teamcoultonoe said...

Hi Julie

Congrats on the arrival of grandson Noah - he sounds just too cute - you will be counting the days until July

Love Lyn

Jule's Short Story said...

Thanks my friend.

He is really cute and you're right, counting the days until I get to cuddle him in person.

Take care in your new life. You should reactivate your blog so we can keep up with your happenings.