Saturday, 27 March 2010

Double adapters...grrrr

Yes, double adapters. Adapters meaning the thingy you can plug into a socket so one of the many plug types we seem to get here can have a flow of power to make them go. Double meaning that two or sometimes more of these odd plugs can plug in at the same time. Simple, you might say.

Not so with the new batch of said plugs I've just bought. The old ones wore out, stopped working somehow. Not sure how that happened actually. It's not as though I went out driving in them or took them for a swim or to the gym or even to yoga. They just wore out hanging in one socket or another, maybe being moved between. The new batch, some failed to work. The one with my kettle and toaster, I take my life in my hands every morning trying to get it to a) make the kettle boil and b) cook my toast. I've given up on these actions occurring simultaneously.

My hair dryer with it's NZ adaptor then the double adapter is a nightmare. The plug fizzes and pops, the kitchen one does that too so I know the sound well. sometimes it works, sometimes I go out looking a fright. No wait, that's how I usually look, more of a fright than normal then. I'm scared to use these on my computer, I plug it all in then hook up, so far so good. I do unplug them all when I go to bed or to work. I'm not sure that concrete burns but I'm not taking the risk.

So here I sit eating toast that went a little cold while waiting for the tea to be made and wondering what today will bring. I've talked to Noah, he's so very cute, and Tim, also cute in a grown up man and now a dad sort of way, on skype. The wonders of technology being able to see my new grandson and son so clearly. The hot wind is swirling the dust around outside making this more of an inside day than one to go poolside. We shall see.

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