Friday, 19 February 2010

That small world again

When we went to Nepal, KL spotted someone she knew on the plane. She had taught his son. They got talking and he shared with us that he was heading to Pokhara to the house he was building. We met up again last night and he shared his visions or his house and it's location. Amazingly enough the walk that I did to Sarangkot went right past his house. The photos on his blog are of the terrain I walked though.

His house has the best view I could ever imagine, I remember thinking this as I strolled on by, I suspect he was actually home at the time and could have offered me a much needed cuppa. KL and I are quite keen to go and visit. She was hoping to go to Nepal next weekend but apparently it's not a long one as we had hoped. I was planning a trip to Egypt, once again I'll have to wait. I will get there one day soon.

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