Thursday, 11 February 2010

It's a bit chilly out

A friend of mine commented that she couldn't wait to see my photos from my time in New Zealand, lovely, green, scenic New Zealand. I have to confess that the photos have been lacking. I had hoped to get out and about today with my camera but the cold drizzle has put me off. I tried to get some kid photos, I was pushing my luck so I just enjoyed their company. It's been too cold to get to the beach. My bikinis have stayed in my bag, forced to the bottom by the dragging out of the cooler weather clothes. I wasn't as wise as I usually am with my packing.

The photo, one of the few, is of the whole crew minus Kez having lunch at Ferrymead on Waitangi Day. Nick's there with his Orangina, who else can you see?

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