Sunday, 31 January 2010

Wish I'd had my camera

Face glued to the plane window, Aotearoa came into sight. The land of the long white cloud living up to it's name, fluffy, snow like clouds with peaks peeking through. I always get excited when home comes into sight, like a kid. I'm sure the people on the plane with me wonder at this, although the lady next to me understood. She was returning after a while, a lot longer than me so was fighting to get her sight, the bonus of a window seat.

It was funny, I recognised her from somewhere. I put that thought aside as she enjoyed Iceage II and I read my book. Watching out the window we got talking. It seems we did know each other from a past life, when our kids were in Playcentre. It's a small world. We chatted a bit, she's home for a wedding. I'm home to see my family. Must go and have my NZ tomato on Burgen bread with a cuppa while it's still hot.

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