Monday, 4 January 2010

Happy new years

The desert camping trip was fun, especially the drive in over the dunes. I'm really pleased I had no idea of where I needed to drive before we set out. Otherwise I might have stayed home and missed Mary-Anne calling me her hero after getting us through some particularly tricky bits. She was an excellent co pilot. Lesley and Ivan were my backseat drivers, also useful in the tricky bits when I was freaking out.

What an achievement to make it in, dropping over the edges and going a little sideways down the sides of the soft dunes, fishtailing through the sand and watching others in anticipation. Letting the tyres down is the key, closing my eyes and hoping helped. We arrived at the campsite and set about putting up the tents, lighting the fire and watching the sun setting on 2009 over the dunes with a cold one or several. It's been a year, a year of change and upheaval. One best put to bed and we did that in style.

The photos are the sunset, Rau negotiating the final drop into the camp site and my tent with the moon rising.

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