Thursday, 28 January 2010

Almost the hols

Only one more day of work, two sleeps until I'm on a plane doing that awful flight to NZ. It's such a long way. I'm flying at a reasonable time of day so at least I won't have an impossibly early start. I've got heaps to do, packing the least of it so I shouldn't be playing on the computer or re watching for the umpteenth dozen time Fried Green Tomatoes. It's one of my favourite movies, makes me laugh and makes me cry.

But tonight I needed a wind down. It's been a hectic week tying up the loose ends, catching up on friends and where they're heading, getting last minute bills paid and things bought for the trip. There are some things that just work out, all in good time. Lesley rode shot gun when I went to pay my utility bill, a whopping 318DHS for 6 months power and water. Amazing really, that's about 100NZD. I had to get a new wasel, a once a year renewal of my sim card and now my phone won't work. Worrying, so I might just have to head back to Etisalat to get that sorted.

I'm leaving on the exact day I landed last year, not something I wasn't aware of until yesterday when I finally printed my e ticket and talked with Tracey. Tracey and I arrived on the same day, on the same plane from Brisbane, sitting next to each other without realising for quite some time that we were heading in the same direction. Very much the same direction, to the same apartment block and the same school for the first six months. We were laughing about that last night.

So, I have a bit to get done tomorrow then I'm on holiday, much needed. I've dodged most of the sickness others have had, long may that last. I'm in NZ for two weeks, I don't want to waste a moment of that.My next post might just contain a photo from home, a lazing on the beach in the sunshine photo. Well, that might be wishful thinking looking at the weather forecast, we shall see.

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