Sunday, 13 December 2009

Talk about the weather

Well it's such a topic of conversation at the moment, why not. You see it's raining in Al Ain, storming in Al Ain. Heavy rain I would have more expected to see on the West Coast of New Zealand. It's 4.30ish, almost dark outside, very wet and cold. I struggled to find warm shoes to wear this morning with the winter woolies I dragged out from the top shelf of the wardrobe. I thought about Keri and her need for boots and wished I'd listened and brought mine with me.

Yesterday I went driving, out to the Jebal with a friend to take some photos. Driving to get out of the house after spending the past few days unwell. My social weekend turned into a sleeping weekend, not doing too much. We were heading for the walk I went on with the ENHG, nope there was a river there. I tried the 4wd but as the water was rising, thought we'd have a wander on this side of the river. The roads were flooded, the kids enjoying splashing in the puddles. The locals were zooming through the floods in their 4wds.

In one place a man was sweeping, he looked up to see a large 4wd powering towards him pushing forward a wave of water. You guessed it, it hit him hard. I'm sure it caused great hilarity in the 4wd, I know we laughed so hard I nearly ran off the road. We waved and smiled to the wet man, he grinned back, enjoying the novelty too.

My photos aren't very good, too busy trying to keep us alive on the way home in torrential rain and deep surface flooding so here's a link to Amer's blog. He managed to get some excellent photos of this very dry place trying to absorb such an amount of rain. Thanks Amer. Apparently this rain will bode well for the spring growth as it will soak in and not evaporate as the summer rains do.

There was more havoc this morning. Schools closed due to flooding and the roads impassable in places, even in a 4wd. Very surprising, very chilly. As Clair said, a good night to curl up on the couch in the duvet and watch a DVD. Think I might add a hot toddy and do just that. I don't even think I have the energy to go shoe shopping, although I did see a nice pair of boots the other day.

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