Friday, 25 December 2009

Christmas eve

I sit here alone, knowing I have a place to go but not being able to quite get up out of my red chair. December must be my quietest blogging month ever, although I've had heaps to say. I just haven't managed to find the energy to write. The winter fug has set in, too cold to lie in the sun and swim but not cold enough to be real winter.

Tonight Mike's band is playing at the sand golf club and I'm going out soon to join my friends in a fun night of dancing and socialising over a few cold ones. Tomorrow is brunch at Rau's, for the waifs and strays, and hopefully I'll get to talk to the family in the morning. It feels strange being away for Christmas, away in a place that doesn't celebrate this. Although the commercialism is alive and well and the shops are decorated to get us in the mood. I did my last minute shop a little earlier, braving Al Ain rush hour.

So for now, I'd better get ready. I hope to add some photos soon. The internet is still not great but the main issue is that to connect my Mac I have to use a cable, not ideal especially as my cable's too short to be effective. My work computer on the other hand is connected wirelessly, don't need that on the weekend.

Have a merry Christmas and watch this space for more posts soon.


teamcoultonoe said...

Merry Christmas Julie - i hope you had a good one - we did with family on a nice sunny day - perfect - it usually rains!! It will be our last one in NZ for a while so we made the most of it
Love Lyn

Jule's Short Story said...

Hi Lyn. Lovely to hear from you as always. I had a good day too, not with family and I missed them, but a good day.
Can't wait to hear of your new adventures, will come and visit. Please restart your blog so we can all keep track of you.
Love and best wishes for your new life.