Sunday, 15 November 2009

A slow learner

I find it hard to learn some lessons, I have Homer Simpson syndrome when it comes to finding cars in mall car parks. It was tough with rental cars, surprisingly tougher with a white Toyota Fortuna. Today I thought I remembered where I parked, was in a bit of a day dream as I walked down the isles pushing the lock/unlock button.

I eventually found it, it peeped, the lights flashed, ah there it goes. No one noticed this time. Another time in the same car park I was busy peeping away when I heard two women laughing and speaking in Arabic, the laughter got louder the nearer I got to them. They looked over and saw me, still pressing the lock/unlock button, and fell about laughing. The final realisation that I was the cause of their mirth was the hand slap, yep they were right.

I went over to them, smiling of course. I told them my car was new and I was having trouble finding it. They shared with me that they had been watching the car lock and unlock, peep and flash and had had a bet on who the owner might be. Seems they were right when they guessed a woman, that I was an expat woman had surprised them and caused more mirth. Apparently what I was doing was more common with locals, as was the choice of car. I smiled about this for the rest of the day, didn't learn anything from it but smiled about the lovely ladies who so willingly shared their joke with me. I had made their day, they had made mine.

I've just booked my flights to Kathmandu, still don't know the break dates but have made the same reservation the others in my group have. I hope we hear soon, I want to make the second booking and get on the road, so ready for a trip away.

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