Saturday, 21 November 2009

A fun day out

It may be getting chilly but that makes it all the better for getting out and about. We could sit on the top deck of the catamaran as we cruised just off Dubai and the sea water was refreshingly cool. Three friends were celebrating a significant birthday so we thought we'd help them out. What an excellent choice of activity for the day, a cruise around the world, swimming off the white sandy islands, banana boating, a BBQ, drinks, excellent company and New Zealand music.

We set out from Al Ain in the morning, I drove, negotiating Dubai's every changing roads to get to the Marina almost on time. Rau and I were pleasantly surprise to see our plush ride, a lovely big catamaran awaiting us, the first of many good surprises for the day. Dubai from the sea is lovely, much better than from a car trying to negotiate the way in, or as we later found, the way out. Yep, misplaced again. Although being lost is only when you don't really know where you are or how to correct the situation. We at least knew we had gone from heading to Sharjar to heading towards Oman.

I'll write more tomorrow, add more photos, but for now I'm pleasantly tired so heading off to bed and hopefully a sleep in in the morning. Thanks Belinda, Jenny and Rianne for a lovely day out, what you up to next birthday?

PS Note to self, don't start downloading 188 photos shot on raw after midnight....... Sorry will add photos tomorrow.

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