Monday, 19 October 2009


An update on the last entry. I went to the shop on Friday, yes the dress was on sale. The lady looked surprised when I told her I had one put away, a little suspicious perhaps. I just smiled sweetly. Her suspicion passed when I spent my saved 330 dhs plus a bit on other clothing. I'm not the world's best shopper, browsing endlessly is not my favorite pastime. Making a quick hit into one shop, getting good service and having things fit then buying them is more my shopping speed.

The dress needed shoes, pink or purple ones with impossible heels were in my head. I tried on many pairs including one or two for fun, 20 plus cm heels with a platform to match. Bling shoes, totally impossible to walk in. I ended up with elegant black heels, ankle straps with bling. A perfect match, not pink or purple but still perfect dancing shoes.

The night out was all I expected, excellent company and excellent music. It was great to see friends from different settings on one place, catching up. One of my yoga friends dared me to wear my shoes to the next session, think I'd get holes in my mat not to mention disapproval. Many of those I caught up with I hadn't seen since I'd got back so we had a lot to catch up on.

Mike's band was a huge success, Kate's birthday topping off a great night. Rau and I were tasked with getting others up to dance, we succeeded. Many of my favorites were played including, and you might expect this from a mostly NZ and Aus band, Mark Seymour's Throw Your Arms Around Me. It was a late night, a good night where we all looked fine in our cocktail dresses, hair up and fancy.

Today I've got the flu that kept Belinda from partying this weekend. I've been brewing all week, today I gave in and am having a day at home with hot soup, thanks to my lovely friend Rau, lemon drinks and the like. I'm really too busy at work to be sick, my body's telling me to slow for a bit. My friends agree so for once I'm listening. It's been a hard couple of months, three of the most stressful things that can happen in life coming one after the other. Things can only look up from here, inshallah.

After publishing, possibly because I'm feeling and looking horrible today, I decided to add the photo Rita took of me before we departed. I promised mum I'd get one for her when we had talked about the dress earlier in the day, this is it.

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