Thursday, 8 October 2009

Me again

When I was looking for the fossil article in the Gulf News, I saw that there had been a major crash on the Abu Dhabi-Dubai road. A multiple car pile up with many deaths and injuries. Please let me assure my family and friends that I have never driven that road, and don't intend to in the near future. The roads I drive are safer as the fog isn't such an issue. Fog and haze are part of the change of season here. The desert cools and the hot winds pick up the dust and sand and the humidity cools into fog.

There's been a noticeable change in the weather lately. Now is a good time to be out and about enjoying the cooler breezes, especially in the evenings. Last night we enjoyed sitting outside at one of the Hilton's bars celebrating Eddie's birthday. Kelly was over from NZ and I showed her the sights. We wandered the palace, visited the camel track and had a good night out. Hopefully she'll be back, I'm looking forward to seeing the photos.

This weekend is the Dragon Boat Festival in Abu Dhabi as well as Mary-Anne's birthday and Hana and Phil's house warming. I'll hopefully get some good photos at the dragon boating. Mary-Anne, Sue and I will be cheering on our friends from the sidelines, should be fun.


teamcoultonoe said...

Hi Jules
I'm pleased you are driving safely! Please pop a photo up of your 4WD Toyota - you never did show us your yaris! It must be such a difference and so much safer with all those maniac drivers!
Miss you but keep up with your news on your blog - don't stop!

Jule's Short Story said...

Hey Lyn.
Miss you too my friend. Sorry, been a bit slack with the mails lately. Yes, I will keep writing here. Seems to make sense to reach others when they want to be reached.
Had an eventful trip back form AD, A car went out of control just behind me in the inside lane and I saw it careening past me on the verge after hitting a pole or something. Everyone got out and was OK, but it gave us all a fright. Then just down from my turn to home, a taxi and a truck had collided, reinforced my car decision!
Talk soon I hope.