Monday, 7 September 2009

The weekend

Weekends here can be quiet. This weekend was, in a nice way. After traveling most of last week, it was good to get a few nights sleep in my own bed to catch up on the missed nights. The pool was the best place to spend Friday afternoon, followed by fish'n'chips and a few quiets at one of the hotels.

It's quiet around here because of Ramadan. The shops and services keep different hours, eating and drinking is not allowed in public so the cafes are shut until after 7.30pm. We have to be careful eating and drinking in the car, not something done while in a queue waiting for the lights to change. That's a hard habit to break and means I'm feeling a little dry at times.

Fasting is something I don't think I could manage. Talking to friends who are observing the fasting, they are not only handling it but also still managing to work effectively. I'm impressed. To go without food is one thing but no water as well must mean severe discomfort in this climate.

Nina and I managed a trip to the tailor this weekend and then we hit the material shops. What fun it was choosing the material for our new clothes, a more professional set for me to wear in my new job. Nina's got excellent taste, lucky it wasn't left to me on my own. The tailor smiled at us two showing him exactly what we wanted. Nina's is a designer number from the House of Nina, mine copies off other clothes that fit and a jacket also from the House of Nina. I can't wait to see the results.

This weekend camping is in the plan, a trip out to the desert to stay the night and socialise with good friends and new friends. I must get on to buying a tent and the trimmings. Camping is a popular pastime here, especially as it gets towards the cooler months, so it should get good use.

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