Thursday, 24 September 2009

Back in the hot lands

Well, not as hot as when I left. I had to turn on the electric hot water last night as the sun is no longer heating the tanks on the roof enough for a warm morning shower. A bit of a shock to get a cold one yesterday. It's nice though, being back and catching up with everyone. Being in the bone warming heat again.

The Belgian chocolates made it home intact, thanks to Rau's eski and have been appreciated by all who've had a sample. I've been immersed in work, trying to catch up on all that's happened and needs to happen while I've been away. Good news is the weekend's coming. Todays jobs are to to get the internet sorted, it's intermittent and very slow, frustrating after Di's high speed. I've also got an appointment at the Rotana after work.

The weekend promises to be a quiet one; walking with the natural history group, catching up with friends, food shopping and cleaning my dusty house. There's a few sand dunes that need to be removed mostly due to the storm the day I left. A very impressive storm with thunder and lightening as well as wind capable of tearing trees to pieces and forcing the sand through my window seals. The rain was the best, that hot rain that falls on the hot ground and releases the earth smell. Rain is so rare here, a bit of treat, and my neighbors made the most of it. Children laughing and running through the puddles and the adults standing watching, laughing. A good sight as I left to catch my plane.


Di Mackey said...

Autumn's roaring in here now :( My toes are cold as I sit here next to the open door to the garden (I can't quite bring myself to close the door).

Send some sunshine anytime and meanwhile, good to read both you and the chocolates made it home.

Note in your mind, woman: Must send Di a postal address ...!

Jule's Short Story said...

Ouch, that sounds a bit chilly. Can't beat the open door to the garden though, my open door lets in hot air and dusty sand.

It really is much colder here, 42C at 5.30pm. It's a noticeable change from 50C!

Yes, yes. Will get onto that tomorrow......

Smart Solutions for Life! said...

And Sue Smartie a postal address would be good to have - who knows I may send you something. Good to have a talk on Skype. I have made decisions.

Jule's Short Story said...

OK OK will email you both the address!

Decisions, would love to talk. On Skype Saturday morning my time, late afternoon your time so call, even if I look like I'm offline.

Talk soon :)