Friday, 18 September 2009


Yesterday we ventured to Amsterdam. We were late for the train, there was a queue so we paid on the train, a trap to be avoided. Still we got there, hungry and in dire need of a coffee. Anyone who's traveled with me knows that I'm a little grumpy when hungry, Di is similar. We found an excellent cafe, the best coffee I've had in ages plus a piece of homemade cake, yum.

We wandered around Amsterdam people watching and sightseeing; wandered past cafes where the fug of smoke told me what sort of cafes they were; wandered past the wonderful canal bridges packed with bikes; wandered past tourist shops and eating places. We even had a go at the trams when we were sick of wandering. Who would have thought that no one wanted to take our fare.

I've always wanted to visit the van Gogh Museum. We followed the map and found the place. It was wonderful to see his art all in one place. Most of my favorites were there. We finished the day with frites and a smooth red at a canal front cafe. Frites are chips and they're eaten with mayo not tomato sauce as is usual in NZ. I've asked at many places for a plate of frites.

"No madam they only come with other food," the waiter said haughtily when I asked in Brussels. Di cringed.

Well, I'm pleased to tell you, they're not so precious in Amsterdam. the bowl of frites was yummy, missed the tomato sauce though, mayo is not quite the same. You can take the girl out of NZ.....

Two of the photos are of the famous canals, the light came right for one but the day was dull and chilly. Dubai has painted camels, Capri has painted cows. I suppose it's only fitting that Amsterdam has painted elephants? The closer photo had me looking quizzical and Di laughing. There was a dog peeing on the tree behind me, not a publishable photo really.

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Di Mackey said...

Mmmm, Di cringed because she'd told you about haughty Belgian waiters and the impossibility of getting frieten without other food. There are rules here and in Holland that defy reason in this country ... we were spoilt in NZ.

I enjoyed my bitterbollen and that yummy sauce. It was the perfect aperitivo/snack/dinner.

I noted the address, I will always return to cafes that sell frieten like that.