Monday, 31 August 2009

Coffee Machine

I'm now the proud owner of a coffee machine. It came to me the funny way things do when you put out to the universe your wants and needs. It began like this.

I talked to Melbourne Sue about getting a coffee machine; she told me her friend Kay had researched and found one that worked well; I got Kay's number off Belinda at yoga so I could give Kay a call; I come home the next day to find an email from Kay who found my email on my blog after talking to my brother in law in NZ and getting my blog address.

Kay is Muzz's cousin, second or some such removal, but still related. She's also good friends with my good friend Sue and another friend of mine from Qatar. I suspect we've walked past each other many times but have never connected until today. We had a lovely catch up and it seems Kay, as well as liking good coffee, is a keen photographer. Another for our group.

So the upshot of it all, I now have a coffee machine, fantastic. Rau sampled the first cup tonight, not bad. Thanks so much Kay, I'm sure I'll get to make you a cup in the near future.

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