Tuesday, 14 October 2008


We wandered around town for the day on Sunday after cruising around the Port Hills and having coffee at Lyttelton. the views were lovely but a bit hazy over the mountains. 
The photos are of Lyn, Shirley and Keri watching a counting dog, yes really a counting dog. Well that's to say his master was counting and the dog was barking for treats. The things you see at the Arts Centre Market aye. Those watching were enthralled.
The purple thing the team are sitting on in the next photo is the giant sperm mentioned earlier. It's a funny looking thing spread out in the square, very purple and fun for the kids to clamber over. 
The final photo Keri took of us in front of the famous town hall fountain on the Avon River. We were doing the Abbey Rd thing the Beatles did, not so successfully! 

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