Sunday, 12 October 2008

Some photos from the weekend

The photos: 1. Keri and I after we realised we were wearing the same shirt, thanks for pointing that out Lyn. We had both bought the same one unknown to each other in Debenhams in City Mall, Doha. We did however know that we had the same wallets, Keri has such good taste. 
2. We went for a walk in the gardens, John took a group photo.
3. Keri, Lyn, Shirley and I eating the world famous in Christchurch for ages ices sold at the caravan at Victoria Square. Shirley and I can remember eating these as young children, Keri used to get cravings for them when she was pregnant. Added a 4, Keri's devotion to the famous ices. The next photo in the ices series was just plain sad so left it off. 
It was a great weekend, more to come a bit later. 

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