Friday, 17 October 2008

On colds n things

Well, that will teach me for having a full on weekend, then a full on week. This morning I woke with a roaring headache, all blocked up with a head cold. Not at my best in the morning anyway, I looked even more frightning than usual and I knew I had to get up and go to an important meeting. That's the way things work sometimes.

I can thank my sons for my head cold, one had it when he arrived down from Auckland for the week and the other picked one up on the weekend. They are such generous boys sharing their bugs like that. So today I went to my meeting and smiled a lot trying to pretend I didn't feel like hell, I know I looked it. I then went home to bed and slept for most of the morning with the warm sun shining in and the sound of typing coming from downstairs.

Nick came down, complete with said cold, to get some TLC while he finished writing his thesis. He ended up cooking and surfing and enjoying the sun and of course our company. He did get his work done, sounded quite pleased with his efforts.

Tomorrow we have to go visiting then he is off and I am going to get some good down time, much needed. I am going to sort my Qatar photos this weekend and hope to post some, with stories of course. For now, it's a hot lemon drink and more feeling sorry for myself.

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