Thursday, 4 September 2008


It was great catching up with the whanau in Sydney. I hadn't seen one of the great nephews before and he sure kept me entertained, such a busy 6 year old and looking so like my youngest. The other I had met but many years earlier so catching up with him as a cool 12 year old was magic. He also has the family stamp, more like Nick than any other. 
There was also a nephew or two and their wives to catch up with. Julie, my sister in law, cooked up a storm and kept us all well fed. Add to that a wine or several and it was a great social weekend. We had the privilege of meeting Julie's whanau in Canberra where they kindly put us up and fed us when we were down watching Tim race in the MTB World Cup. Leanne and David cooked the most amazing breakfast. Bacon, eggs, fresh fruit, croissants yum. Better than eating out, with excellent company. 
We don't get to catch up with family very often and it's usually a rush trip or coinciding with a big family event so to have some time together without pressure was great. David and Julie live beside the Nepean River, a lovely spot and one worthy of photographing. I spent some time walking along the river path, listening to music, taking photos and enjoying the peace. 
The photos are of the three generations, Layne and Jake and Muzz and Jake walking along the river path. 

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