Tuesday, 23 September 2008


It's been a busy week so far, chasing my tail as I catch up on the lost files, the article that's now overdue and the meetings that people love to organise for the last week of term. I also had some left over visiting to do and PD to present, so all in all early starts and late finishes for the last week or so. Next week is term break, catch up time. 

Time to catch my breath and and start macro not micro focussing on things that need to be done. I have some out of term catch ups and appraisals to complete with individual teachers but somehow without having to fit these around teaching, everyone is more relaxed. 

I talked to Nick today and he's hoping to get a weeks study leave to come down and complete his thesis, in the right place to do that here. He will get all the TLC he needs, fed and supported. I hope I get to proof read his work, it's an interesting piece of work by the sounds of it. It's been great having Tim home and catching up with him for meals and chats so easily. Kez has had some news about an interesting cadetship he was interviewed for so I hope this works out for him. He has some wonderful skills so employing him will be their good fortune. 

It's been a warm and windy day, blossoms swirling in the wind. I had to raid the summer wardrobe this morning, took a risk and dressed for the warmth, good choice as it turned out. Funny to be wearing my Qatar/travel around Europe clothes here, gets me day dreaming and makes me smile. 

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