Sunday, 21 September 2008

A night out

Keri and I had a lovely night out last night, a spontaneous arrangement. We had a meal at Cafe Valentino to start. I love risotto balls and have enjoyed them in Italy as well as the delicious ones Tim and Sarah make. On the menu they were an entree, yes three were enough for me thanks. 

Keri bought a pizza. I wish I had taken my camera. Keri's eyes when she saw the size of the pizza she had ordered were worthy of a photo, Keri walking through the street from bar to bar complete with left over pizza box, priceless. We also enjoyed some drinks and then negotiated the steep stairs to the street.

We wandered through the relatively quiet city, people watching. Some amazing shoes out there, white ankle straps with very high heels, black patent leather shiny ones with very high heels. Seeing them modeled as they were made me hanker to go shoe shopping. I usually end up buying heels when I am looking for sensible shoes anyway so may as well go out in search of heels in the first place. 

We strolled into Fat Eddies, past the bouncer complete with pizza box. The bar staff commented, one offered to take the GST off our cocktails for a slice. He made us the yummiest cocktail, a Brown Girl in the Rain. Kahlua, Baileys, mint, ice. It went down a treat, very quickly.

Amazing how men comment when you have food. The two men at the table next to us eyed up Keri's pizza box and started small talk. "That pizza you've got in that box?" Not the best pick up line I've ever heard. Better than the worst food one I've ever had, "how'd ya like to come back to my place and cook me dinner" mmmmmm thanks but no. 

There was a duet jazzing away on the stage, Fat Eddies is a jazz bar after all, a bridal shower and a smattering of small groups like ours in the bar. It would have been rude to leave without checking out another on their extensive cocktail list. It was a tropical treat with Bacardi, strawberries and the like, also yummy. The duo sang my favorite, Somewhere Over the Rainbow. It was a different arrangement, more jazzy, and well sung so enjoyable. 

A good night out, lots of chat, sharing of ideas and making sense of the world through the bottom of several glasses. We also did some more planning around the Qatar crew's visit. Shirley and I had talked about this earlier in the day. We are really excited about getting together again, sharing our lives like we did then so enjoyably. 

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