Friday, 19 September 2008

A funny story

I heard a funny story the other day. Kirsty, one of my teachers, told me this story and she swears it's true. I will attempt to record it here, it deserves recording.
An early childhood education service decided they would take a group of children to the aquarium to further their interests in, I am assuming, fish. They were near the end of their visit when they noticed that they were missing a child, a teachers worst nightmare. That the child was a four year old boy with Down Syndrome, added to the worry. The teachers looked everywhere and finally found him, soaking wet complete with his back pack on his back and a big smile on his face. 
They were understandably equally delighted to have found him and cross that they would be late to the bus. They hurried him and the other children onto the bus deciding to change him when they got back to the centre. They didn't ask where he had been, just happy that he was safe. 
His mother was waiting for them and she took him home to have a shower, he was cold but still smiling. His mum put him into the shower and came back a short time later to hear him chatting with someone. Imagine her surprise when she opened the door to see her son chatting to a small and quite animated penguin! She phone the aquarium and told them that her son had brought home a penguin from his visit. 
"Don't worry about it, kids do that all the time" said the aquarium lady, not quite understanding. The mother explained exactly what sort of penguin it was, the live and kicking sort.  The penguin was returned to his mates, via the backpack he arrived home in, none the worse for wear. 
The moral of the story, when out with small children, always check their backpacks before leaving the aquarium. It does sound funnier when told, I can assure you, but you get the picture. 

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